Three representatives of the company, who – according to the findings of the investigation – paid bribes, had already heard judgments. Already at the stage of investigation admitted that they gave to the Heads of the Katowice branch of the GDDKiA paid part of the amount of each invoice and voluntarily surrendered to the prosecutor agreed with the penalty – suspended imprisonment and a fine of 25 thousand. to 70 thousand. zl. In December of 2017. They were sentenced to two b. Heads of GDDKiA. District Court Katowice-East found that taking bribes from individuals previously convicted. In addition to penalties of imprisonment for seven years the court ruled the forfeiture of proceeds of crime (by 941 thousand.

Zl), aimed R. and P. after 216 thousand. zl fine and forbade them to occupy leadership positions in the administration for 8 years. They are also committed to cover the costs of the process – it is a total of approx. 50 thousand. zl. According to the indictment, the heads of the Katowice branch of GDDKiA in 1998-2006 taking bribes in exchange for preferential treatment in the competitions, tenders and in order to maintain contracts and further cooperation with one of the companies. Operating in Ruda Slaska company dealt with, among others, horizontal road marking, cooperation with GDDKiA began in the mid-90s According to the prosecution and the court of first instance after the first order Henry P. said that the condition for further cooperation will transfer his money amounting to several percent of the value of each invoice paid.

According to the district court, the money – taken from the cash advance company as Rudzka – passed at the headquarters of the Katowice branch of the GDDKiA, and P. accept them, then half the amount passed R. Sometimes the bribes were to be passed in the presence of the Director or – in the absence of P. – also directly R. Advances Rudzka company accounted for at the end of each year, including by giving up dividend or fictitious sales mark. In 2007. The company was sold. The court found that both directors GDDKiA share the benefits of property in half, and the property of bribes made a permanent source of income – they took it for eight years, acted in a planned and regular basis. At the beginning of the defendants stated that they do not plead guilty, although earlier P. confirmed that dealings took place. The district court found that his earlier were credible explanation – they were consistent with other evidence, including Rudzka testimony of representatives of the company.

Besides corruption b. The director of GDDKiA also was accused to enter a false declaration of assets for the years 2001-2009, without showing them part of the funds. For breaking the Law on limitation of economic activity by persons performing public functions court of first instance sentenced him to 1.5 years. While his deputy has additional charge of illegal possession of weapons – a revolver signal. The court sentenced him for eight months prison sentence. The card will be integrated with existing Cracow City Card used in public transport. It is to apply from 1 July this year, and the first relief, which will benefit from its holders is 20 percent. discount on season tickets on public transport and at the entrance to the town’s museums and galleries.

In subsequent years, the card is to be extended by a further relief in the area of ??sport and recreation, education, and education, health, catering, shops and services. “In our town we have residents who settle here Taxes and people who live here, enjoy the resources, capabilities and services of the city and depend so much about this that these people strongly bound to Krakow. Card Krakow would be such a bonus for those who pay taxes here, “- he said on Wednesday Deputy Mayor Andrzej Kulig. Cracow card will be able to get people registered for permanent residence in Krakow and those who prove that settle in the city tax, which will not be required to achieve any income. Card will be issued for a period of one year. Persons registered for permanent residence will not have to submit an application for extension of its validity – it will happen automatically.

Discounts under the program will be introduced by separate resolutions. According to estimates from the Charter of Cracow at the beginning can take advantage of 300 – 400 thousand. people, and ultimately even 700 thousand. Costs associated with the implementation of the program and issuing cards in 2018 was estimated at approx. 3 million zl. “This idea raises only positive reactions from residents, because it is associated with specific reliefs. Other cities have long since overtaken us. By delaying this for the sacred is never unreasonable and is an action to the detriment of the inhabitants” – convinced the head of the club PO councilors Andrew Hawranek.

Associated with Modern independent councilor Margaret Jantos he said that the card is a tribute to the residents and gratitude for the fact that they pay taxes, thanks to which the city operates. As underlined by the card “more than a social loyalty.” As noted by the chairman of the City Council Boguslaw Kosmider (PO), from 2012. Is carried out the action “Pay taxes in Krakow” and made it the number of taxpayers increased by approx. 40 thous., Which translates into tens of million more in the budget cities. The card is on one hand an incentive for potential new taxpayers, on the other bonus for those who already pay taxes at Wawel. After a heated discussion, during which, among others, fell arguments a pre-election character of this project, councilors agreed on a Charter of Krakow – 41 people voted for. No one was against. (PAP) Author: Margaret Wosion-Czoba According to public broadcaster VRT, the incident occurred near Maximilian Park.

From the first information that attackers regularly spent the night in the area with high-rise buildings near the park. The policeman had to approach the man to wake him up. There was a quarrel, the man grabbed a knife and lightly wounding the officer. The details of the incident to inform a prosecutor. About 1.5 thousand. people marched through the center of the city, going to the Senate Square. The crowd shouted slogans: “Human Rights for All!” and “Helsinki appeal to Mr. Putin, Helsinki appeal to Mr.

Trump.” They spoke at the rally artists, activists for the environment and also politycy.zobacz Trump: The annexation of the Crimea by Putin’s defeat Obama. I would not let it »Organizers of Sunday’s action” Helsinki Calling “(call Helsinki) stressed that it was not aimed directly at the presidents of the USA and Russia, and its purpose was to draw attention to the key problems of the world. “We honor the spirit of the Helsinki … welcome here is anyone who respects human rights and democracy and does not disseminate fake news” – said one of the demonstrators, 50-year-old Timo Heikkinen. During Friday’s press conference in Plock (Mazowieckie) Struzik reminded that in May 2018. European Commission presented a proposal for a new EU budget for the period 2021-27, including the Polish and the project assumes a significant reduction in spending, which is not favorable for our country. “Unfortunately this is not a favorable proposal from our point of view. Because the cohesion policy, which we feel is extremely important for Polish regions, it proposed reducing spending by more than 10 percent.

Unfortunately, it proposed a reduction in spending when it comes to the common agricultural policy. Here, this reduction is even greater, because more than 16 percent. “- said Marshal Mazovia. He explained that the proposal of the European Commission on the EU budget of the future financial perspective, corresponds to roughly 1.1 percent. GDP 27 European Union countries, as it does not take into account the longer the UK. UK. “At the moment, work on the regulation, which covers all the funds in the last Parliament. Ambitious plans were such at the EU summit, the European Council, to approve the budget before the elections to the EP.

Today realistically looking at the atmosphere and what is happening, it is clear that it is virtually impossible to conclude these negotiations before the elections to the European “- said Struzik. He added that “this means that the new Parliament will have to take the work on the EU budget for the years 2021-27.” “Given the European Parliament’s current term, however, efforts to increase the budget to 1.3 per cent. GDP 27 EU member states, is from the Polish point of view it is important to choose whom PE “- stressed Struzik. In his opinion, “should be the people who on the one hand they were in favor of strengthening the EU, the strengthening of partnership relations, but on the other hand, opt decisively in favor of increasing the EU budget and for maintaining spending on cohesion policy and the common agricultural policy, at least the current level “.See also: European Elections: kukiz’15 an alliance with the Italian Movement Five Stars» Buzek: Nord Stream pipeline 2 must be compatible with EU law ‘ “during this period, we realize now that the Polish envelope + + is is about 104 billion euros, and that proposed by the EC is less than EUR 65 billion. These are significant reductions “- said Struzik. He drew attention to the fact that precisely because “voters should evaluate what candidates want to do PE for Polish for Polish local governments, entrepreneurs and farmers.” “There is a chance to improve this budget, but it must be a determination. This is an extremely important issue, “- said Marshal Mazovia.

He recalled that in connection with brexitem Poland will be in the next term 52 MEPs, that is one more than before. Mazovia to the needs of EU statistics is from 1 January 2018. Treated as two areas: capital – metropolitan and regional; wherein the area covers capital Warsaw and nine neighboring districts, and the regional area – the rest of the region. Struzik said that the budget proposals of the European Commission Mazovia whole is treated as one region, and a more developed region, which could lead to a situation that the share of own funds on projects for such regions would amount to 60 per cent .; therefore EU support would be at the level of 40 per cent., which is now 80-85 percent. funding. “We are striving intensively at the European Commission, the Committee of the Regions and the European Parliament is to simply convert this data, because the budget is built on the basis of historical data. However, in the new methodology for the distribution of money to the national envelopes + + there is no such element, that it counts on the regions.

A method is proposed that the national envelopes + + are allocated on the basis of the GDP of a Member State, and not on the basis of partial GDP per capita of individual regions “- said Struzik. He added that according to the new methodology, “the Polish envelope”, regardless of whether Mazovia is treated as one or as two regions, “is unchangeable.” “In the negotiation process is a unique region, which will have two types of regions: better developed, or metropolitan region and less developed or mazowiecki. We will have to negotiate two streams of money for these two different areas. We will also have to apply different levels of aid allowed for enterprises. And we will have to use the mechanisms of reference entities, like a zit in the metropolitan area and in subregions RIT “- said Struzik. Recently, Deputy Speaker of the Senate Adam Bielan said that it is necessary to complete the statistical separation from Mazovia Warsaw, otherwise the Mazovia Warsaw without losing 3 billion euros of EU funds, which will mean the loss of the possibility of the implementation of many important projects. According to him, the process of separating from Mazovia Warsaw began too late, and should in 2013.

And now its completion, requiring notification, is at risk. “Responding to Mr. Marshal for nothing is too late. Everything is in the right moment. We’ll deal with it “- Struzik said, referring to the opinion Adam Bielan. He added that that the Mazovia was treated in a special way in the allocation of EU funds, is also a task for the future of Polish MEPs. “That does not mean that if we made this division before, is the money for the Polish would be greater. This is not true, because the method proposed comes directly from the level of Polish GDP as a whole “- said Marshal Mazovia. Tuesday’s meeting of the Senate agriculture committee to discuss the functioning of the National Agriculture Support Center, which began operations on 1 September. taking over the tasks of the Agricultural Property Agency and part of the tasks of the Agricultural Market Agency.

In the first half of this year. leased more than 41 thousand. hectares of land. Rent is a basic form of management of state land under the responsibility of KOWR. State land offered are mainly limited tenders, which can participate only farmers who intend to enlarge or create a family farm. Tenders have the form of written offers for bidding or, in the case of the latter, the amount of rent is not a decisive criterion for selecting the winner. The largest acreage of land under lease is located in north-western Poland. Struziak reported that the lease of the land will decide the five mandatory criteria. In addition, its social council will establish the criteria the directors branch.

They will be established only after the development of the Rules of community councils – he stressed. The most important criterion is the seat of the distance from the farm bidder wydzierzawianej plot, but it will be also taken into account the distance from the plot wydzierzawianej real estate owned by the farmer or leased by him from the resources of the Treasury – said Struziak. As he spoke, the plot will not be taken into account that the tenderer leased from another farmer. So far, it was so that farmers lease land to each other, that they are as close to the real estate put out to tender. The next criterion is the area of ??the property purchased or leased from the Treasury.

The more the farmer bought or leased, it will get less points. If, however, has more than 300 hectares of land, it did not participate in the tender. They are also taken into account the intensity and the age of the livestock farmer. Points will be awarded to the farmer who has completed 40 years – explained Struziak. The last criterion – is the area of ??agricultural land lease and property constituting the farmer. Here – as he said the director – to take account of the terms of separate estates.

The current committee meeting Deputy Minister of Agriculture Zbigniew Babalski announced that the Ministry is preparing amendments to the Law on the agricultural system. They have already collected comments and proposed amendments, the project will probably be ready in November – he stressed. Then the document will be made available for public consultation. Deputy Minister asked whether the project is expected to change on the sale of land for non-farmers, he said that as far as possible acquisition of the land will be only up to 3 thousand.